Bruce Abbe

President and CEO, Midwest Shippers Association


Bruce Abbe is in his ninth year serving at the helm of the Midwest Shippers Association.  Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.A., MSA is regional trade association established to serve farmers, processors, export traders, and handlers of high value, premium, identity preserved, food soybeans and grains, as well as commodity grains and oilseeds primarily from the Midwest USA region.


Founded in 2002 through an initiative approved by the Minnesota State Legislature, MSA assists its members and the grain industry as a networking and information organization in international marketing, and transportation to domestic and foreign export markets - with a strong focus on intermodal container shipping.  


Abbe joined MSA in January 2008 as the organization’s first full-time executive director.  In July 2017, he became MSA’s President and CEO. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in public affairs, communications and organizational management for agricultural and business organizations at the state and national level.

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