Tony Johanson

Chairman, Nebraska Soybean Board


Tony Johanson a young farmer leader from Oakland, NE and the current sitting Chairman of the Nebraska Soybean Board.  A 2004 graduate of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with degrees in Agronomy and Mechanized Systems Ag.  After college he moved back home to Oakland to take over the family farm, a 400 acre soybean and corn operation, from his grandparents and works for Central Valley Ag Cooperative as a Master Seed Advisor.  In 2013, he was elected to represent District #2 on the Nebraska Soybean Board and has served as Treasurer, Chairman of the Board, and as the USSEC delegate for Nebraska Soybean Board.  He currently resides in Oakland with his wife Melanie and their daughter Hayden.  On behalf of the Nebraska Soybean Board and the 23,000+ Nebraska Soybean Producers, we welcome you to Nebraska and hope you enjoy your time and the hospitality.

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