Andy Bensend

Chairman, Midwest Shippers Board of Directors


As owner and operator of AB Farms, a sole proprietor agriculture production company in NW Wisconsin, Mr. Bensend has developed the reputation among his peers as an early adopter and visionary.   He was among the first to adopt no-till farming practices in the glaciated soils of the predominantly rolling topography he calls home.  In 2016 Bensend was awarded the American Soybean Association Conservation Legacy Award.  He is a 1979 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, with a major in Agricultural Education and minor in Farm Mgt.  He is a member of Alpha Gamma Rho Alumnus, and has served on the Fraternity Alumni Board of Directors. 


Mr. Bensend's farm sprawls across southern Barron County and northern Dunn County including nearly 5000 acres of owned and rented farmland.   Principle crops are corn, soybeans, and alfalfa.  Andy began his farming career growing up on a dairy farm and was a dairyman himself until 1985.   Bensend markets seed genetics for DuPont/Pioneer in his local area.   His farm has contract produced non-gmo soybeans for several different exporters and in seed production for Pioneer/Dupont.   Mr. Bensend maintains his CCA agronomy certification.   Sustainability is a high priority for Bensend and his business.  A custom forage harvesting business is an integral part of the farm business venture and provides services to the larger dairy operations within a 50 mile radius of the farm.  


Mr. Bensend served as President of the Wisconsin Soybean Association in 2009.  He has been actively involved in policy work with the American Soybean Association serving as a substitute on the ASA Board.


Since 2012 Bensend has served on the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and as such is responsible for oversight of the Wisconsin soybean check off funds.


Bensend currently serves as Chair of the Midwest Shippers Association Board.


As an early adopter and recognized leader in the business of agriculture, Mr Bensend will continue to look for the interests of US Soybean producers and their customers the world over.

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